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About Rosellyn

rg-paintMy name is Rosellyn (Rose Ellen). I’m a wife and mother of three grown children. I’m a total foodie and love spending time in the kitchen!

Searching for, creating and trying tasty new recipes that I can share with others is one of my passions.

I often make high impact, very flavorful dishes.  I love to entertain so my recipes are great for the family as well as parties and larger gatherings. I rarely follow a recipe exactly but love to look to recipes for inspiration before putting my own spin on it!  I stay away from using packaged and processed foods and feel that the best recipes are created using real, fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs and spices.

Rosellyn.com is a collection of recipes from appetizers and snacks to dessert. In addition to Rosellyn.com, I have created ChickenFoodie.com which focuses on all the different things you can do with chicken, and DessertFoodie.com for the sweet lover in all of us. Check them out!


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