Making Carrot Juice for Better Health

I am always in search of great recipes that I can add to my recipe routines. After having cruised to New England and Canada for a week indulging in way too many rich foods, I’m back and looking to eat healthy foods once again.

Carrots are a superfood for me. I don’t eat them nearly often enough and I’m told by my doctor that they contain things that are necessary for my eyes. I love finding carrot recipes that are delicious and good for me. I came upon this Carrot Juice recipe while on Health Ambition and had to share. Read on to learn about the great benefits of carrots.

Making up a glass of carrot juice is easy and drinking it regularly is great for your energy levels and can have some serious health benefits. Fresh carrot juice has a cleansing effect on your liver and digestive system, does wonders for tired eyes and also provides excellent skin nutrition.

To start you’ll need a good juicer. They are various types of juicing machines available and carrots, being one of the more solid vegetables, will be easier to juice with a well-built machine. The cheapest juicers are usually the cheapest for a reason and over the longer term it definitely pays to get a juicer of decent quality.

Many people start with a centrifugal juicer as these are usually less expensive. However, if you enjoy the health benefits of juicing enough to do it regularly, a good masticating juicer becomes a wise investment.

They do cost more initially, but they also usually produce a larger quantity of juice each time you use them versus a centrifugal juicer and, many believe, a juice of higher quality as well since there is less oxidation.


Why Organic Carrot Juice Is Best

Once you’ve got your juicer you’ll obviously need a big bag of carrots. The carrots used for juicing really should be organic carrots. Here’s why.

Part of what makes carrots so healthy is the way they absorb nutrients from the ground they’re grown in. Unfortunately, this means they are also very good at absorbing pesticides and even heavy metals from the same soil.

Testing shows conventionally grown carrots often have a high pesticide load and even peeled conventionally grown carrots tested showed traces of pesticides.

Organically grown carrots, on the other hand, cannot be sprayed with pesticides or grown in ground where pesticides have been used for many years. They also don’t need to be peeled. This is a good thing as just under the peel is where much of the nutrition is so you want it in your carrot juice if possible.

I think they taste better as well and really are only a little more for the difference they will make to your health. So get organic for your carrot juice if you can. It’s definitely worth it.

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