Club Sandwiches

Club sandwiches always remind me of warm weather lunches.  I have memories of walking downtown, sitting at the counter of a local storefront eatery, and sharing a club sandwich with my mother.

Club sandwiches can be made with your favorite ingredients, but my favorite is turkey and bacon.  I guess one of the reasons a club sandwich reminds me of warm weather is that the tomato which is a key flavor and texture element of a club sandwich has to be sweet and juicy and it is hard to find that in cool weather months.

You might be tempted to be health conscious thus cutting back on the mayonnaise.  It’s just one sandwich.  The mayonnaise is wonderful with this sandwich.  Use the full amount.  If you feel you must cut back, eat half a sandwich.


  • 2 slices bacon
  • 3 slices bread, toasted
  • 3 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • 2 leaves lettuce
  • 2 (1 ounce) slices cooked deli turkey breast
  • 2 slices tomato


  • Place bacon in a heavy skillet and cook to your preferred crispness.
  • Drain on paper towels.
  • Spread each slice of bread with mayonnaise. On one slice of toast, place the turkey and lettuce. Cover with a slice of toast, then the bacon and tomato. Top with last slice of toast.
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