Gnocchi with Ricotta

I’m kind of new to Gnocchi. I bought it recently (because it was on sale) and was very surprised to find that I really liked it. I wondered how it had taken me so long to find this treasure. Since I’d never made gnocchi at home, I went in search of a nice simple recipe. I found a great recipe for gnocchi with ricotta and made it for dinner tonight.

Gnocchi with Ricotta Cheese is a very comforting hearty meal. You can make the gnocchi fresh yourself or buy store bought package potato gnocchi. Either on works fine though fresh is always better.

Once the gravy is made you can either blend the ricotta into the gravy or mix the gnocchi with the gravy the spoon in the ricotta. I like the latter because you get nice big chunks of ricotta.

The extra flavor in this Gnocchi with Ricotta Cheesewhen you melt the mozzarella cheese on top. It’s so delicious. Make sure you serve it with bread and wine

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