Homemade Hummus

I think I am addicted to hummus. I probably eat hummus 6 days a week with pita chips. I also top it with different things depending upon my mood. I buy my hummus at the supermarket….and love it. However, I love to cook and I decided that I’d like to make it myself. So, naturally, I did some research looking for how to make hummus. That’s when I came upon this terrific hummus info-graphic. I looked at it and decided that this hummus info-graph tells me everything I need to know about making hummus. It gives the basic recipe but also shows all sorts of different that can be added depending upon your mood.

Anyway, I had to save and share it. Skinny Mom is the creator and I thank her. This is going on my refrigerator!
Hummus infographic

Source: Skinny Mom on Pinterest