NJ Sloppy Joe

NJ Sloppy Joe

If you go into a delicatessen in NJ and order a Sloppy Joe you might be surprised that you are getting a deli sandwich filled with roast beef, ham, turkey, cole slaw and Russian dressing.  If you have never had a Sloppy Joe in a NJ deli, you must give it a try.  If you are not in NJ or have a hankering for one, you can easily make it at home yourself.

This is a really indulgent sandwich which is worthy of sharing. Enjoy!


  • 3 slices of rye bread
  • roast beef
  • ham
  • turkey
  • Swiss cheese(the cole slaw should not be too wet.)
  • Russian dressing


Assemble the sandwich as follows:

  • Bottom slice of rye bread
  • 1st layer – Roast beef
  • 2nd layer – Ham
  • 3rd layer – Cole slaw
  • 4th layer – Russian dressing
  • Middle slice of rye bread
  • 5th layer – Turkey
  • 6th layer – Swiss cheese
  • 7th layer – Cole slaw
  • 8th layer – Russian dressing
  • Top slice of rye bread

NOTE: Make sure that the cold cuts are at least 3/8” thick on the sandwich. The cheese can be thinner.  Of course you can use any other meat like pastrami etc.

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NJ Sloppy Joe

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