Oatmeal Shortbread Cookies


  • 1 1/2 sticks butter, softenend
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 2 Tb. white sugar
  • 1 yolk
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 Tb. vanilla extract
  • 3/4 cup ground oatmeal – use a blender or food processor
  • 1 cup flour


  • Cream the butter and the sugars until light. Add the yolk and salt. Scrape down the sides of the bowl. Stir in the vanilla. Add the ground oatmeal and flour. Stir just to combine.
  • Roll into a 2″ log then wrap with parchment and chill.
  • Preheat oven to 350*.
  • Slice chilled log into 1/4″ discs – if you want them to look perfect use a 1 1/2″ round cutter. Sprinkle the tops with oatmeal then bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown around the edges.
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