Piri Piri


Piri Piri is a hot pepper oil infused with lemon and used in Portuguese, Caribbean, and African cooking.  The words Pili-Pili, Piri-Piri, and Peri-Peri all are used to refer to hot chile peppers, sauces and marinades made from them, and foods cooked with those sauces and marinades. This spicy hot marinade can be used on any meat you grill or broil: chicken, shrimp or prawns, beef, etc.

Piri Piri can be made ahead and stored for future use.  It is easy to make but can be purchased commercially as well.



  • Combine chile peppers with olive oil, zest and bay leaf in a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Leave it in a warm spot for two or three weeks. The longer you keep the Piri Piri, the hotter it will get. A few drops will enhance almost any dish.