Strawberry Spinach Salad

It’s just about time for NJ strawberries!  With that in mind, I can hardly wait to experiment with different recipes.  A spinach salad always tastes good to me and makes me feel like I am eating something healthy!

This super simple Strawberry Spinach Salad will whet your appetite for more delicious strawberries.  Sometimes I use pecans instead of walnut, but you can use any nut you prefer.


  •     3 cups fresh spinach
  •     1 cup cubed avocado
  •     1/2 cup candied walnuts
  •     1 cup sliced strawberries
  •     4 tbsp slivered almonds
  •     1/4 cup bleu cheese crumbles
  •     Strawberry vinaigrette to taste


  • Mix together spinach, strawberries, avocado, and almonds in a medium mixing bowl. Top with almonds, bleu cheese, and vinaigrette.
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